Bringing well habits to people

Our lives are composed of habits. Some conscious, some unconscious; some are detrimental, some bring wellness. Well Habit World is a place where you learn to make simple changes for a healthier, better life in our complex world.

Our team are made up of people who think and do well – collaborative minded, systems-thinking health professionals, designers and educators who create innovative and inspiring tools and training for change.


– the 3 tools how to do this – 

Peer Coaching



These three tools have the power to overcome so many of the simple, devastating and perversely expensive ills in our society. Be it isolation, fear, health challenges, poor lifestyle – there are simple effective and cost effective pathways to improve wellness and happiness.



We divide our way to wellness into five levels that align with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. When we understand the connection between the different parts of us that make us human, we can move towards greater well-being and self-fulfilment.

Body: Here you will learn the fundamental well habits for your body.

Safety: Learn how to feel safe by setting boundaries, finding support, managing stress.

Connect: Get connected with yourself, others and nature for a richer life.

Mind: Improve your habits of mind – use the power of a positive, focused and growth mindset.

Shine: Live the life you want with creativity, purpose and passion.


There are some basic ideas that can get your mind on the well habit track…

Our hope is that you will learn to embed these into your life. Try them out, put them into practice, and discover your own way with wellness.

• The power of learning and understanding

• Become self-aware

• Be open to trying new ways

• Take small steps to change

• Be creative to express your self

• Learn the gifts of failure

• Change takes time, be patient

• Choose your focus and plan ahead

• Ask and offer support

• Live the life you choose

• Love and celebrate yourself in simple ways


Learning the skills of habit change using small step goal setting will help you find your unique path to wellness. However small and insignificant your first steps might seem, the important thing is that you are doing it!

We use a five step habit change process.

Step 1. Gather knowledge. The first step is to better understand why well habits are important and how they can positively impact your life.

Step 2. Be Self Aware. The second step is to turn the magnifying glass onto yourself so you can reflect and better understand your own habits.

Step 3. Get Motivated. A process of inquiry can motivate you to go out and explore the  path between where you are now and where you want to be.

Step 4. Explore Options. Once you are motivated to make changes, the next question is how. In this step you discover the many different ways you can do this.

Step 5. Well Step Goal. Finally, you turn your chosen option into a concrete goal. This step is where you design, write, track and find support. Creating a goal using the WELL STEP acronym increases the likelihood that change will happen.


This book is an inspiring, beautiful and practical guide to help you understand wellness. It uses metaphors to simplify the inter-connected ideas that are the heart of wellness.

With a simple five-step approach to habit change, you can design your very own well habit journey to a better version of you.


Whether your goal is to get to bed earlier or to be more assertive, the Well Habit App is a simple tool for creating your WELL STEP goals with a special method so that change can really happen!